Why am I switching to Shaklee now? What supplements am I using?

adrenal fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue - Part 3

Now that you know what vitamins you can take to help you with Adrenal Fatigue, it's important for you not to take just any vitamins. This is something that I hadn't really looked at until now - over a year into my treatment. I hadn't realized that there was a difference between cold and hot pressed vitamins - or that these two terms actually existed. 

Before I explain why cold press is best, let's understand what warm press is...

You've probably already heard that too much heat, light, or humidity can negatively impact your vitamins, causing them to quickly degrade and become less effective. However, what you may not realize is that when they're manufactured in this way, the same thing happens. Hot-pressing will cook out all your vitamin's beneficial nutrients.

This is where cold pressed manufacturing comes into play. With this manufacturing process vitamins don't lose their nutrients before arriving at your door. As such, they're of a higher quality which can be more beneficial in helping you fight toxins and boost your immunity and health. These vitamins are so potent not only because they don't use a lot of heat or pressure. As such, they're able to preserve their nutritional value, making them more potent.

adrenal fatigue
Take the right vitamins - When they work, you'll feel better!

This is why I've decided to try Shaklee's vitamins. I'll be using their Osteo Matrix, B Complex, Iron with C, and Probiotics. You can use them too! Just visit their site and have them delivered to your front door to get started! Of course, I'll also be keeping you updated on my "journey" along the way as I'll be investigating these vitamins more in depth, as well as some of Shaklee's other products.

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