Do you have Adrenal Fatigue? Have you even heard of it?

adrenal fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue

In 2018 I was seeing a doctor who wasn't taking my health issues seriously, simply telling me that I'm "depressed" when I wanted to get up and do things (e.g. who's depressed and still wants to get up and do laundry). He finally hospitalized me in November / December for neurological testing. Unfortunately, after a week in the hospital, his results were inconclusive. He admitted that I had:
  • A small brain aneurysm: He said that it was so small that it couldn't really harm me and my current PCP understands.
  • Tumors on my back: He said they were not bad enough to do anything. Unfortunately, he was wrong in that it is lying in just the right spot to pinch nerves if I'm not careful.
  • Small blood vessels leading to my neck: He said that they were small enough to restrict some oxygen flow to my brain - something I notice since I get seriously dizzy when I bend over.
This didn't really address anything, so I continued seeking answers. At this point I sought out a naturopath that eventually led me to my chiropractor (who was almost a full doctor when she changed paths due to personal reasons). It was my chiropractor who diagnosed me with something that few PCPs know about: Adrenal fatigue, a diagnosis that many Western practitioners don't acknowledge.

adrenal fatigue
Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list. There are other symptoms, which may include:
  • Weakness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Low blood pressure and body temp
  • Loss of body hair
  • Skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)
  • Upper back/neck pain for no reason
  • More likely to develop respiratory illness which linger
  • Dry skin
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Mild depression

I believe if you have most of these symptoms, you probably have Adrenal Fatigue too. But what do you do about it? Stay tuned!

adrenal fatigue
Love, Brenda
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  1. I had not heard of it and it is so good to learn more about such conditions and to watch out for them #AnythingGoes

    1. There are so many illnesses that people don't know exist. I pray that this blog will shed some light on this issue and help others who either need diagnosis or treatment. It's my personal belief that there are a lot of people who have PTSD who also have this because they've been stuck in fight/flight for so long. Thanks for stopping by.


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